Grind Date No. 12: Gilty

by theappliedprocess

I should have probably wrote a combined entry for this and date no. 11 as they were both short and they both have things in common, but I took the creative liberty of splitting them in two because, without giving any spoilers, there might be a reason in the future for doing so.

I’d seen ‘Gilty’s’ profile a few times on Grindr. He looked young and very cute. He somewhat reminded me of one of my exes and, oddly enough, my intuition wasn’t that far off. I remember messaging him from either my iPad or my phone (yes, I have two accounts, Grindr wasn’t initially available for Androids and after it was, I had already built a “network” of boys on my iPad and couldn’t transfer my profile so I kept both). I don’t think he responded. A few days ago, I messaged him from my other device. This time he bit the bait.

We talked for a few days. He was quite witty and showered me with compliments. What can I say? I’m a sucker for an ass kisser (both figuratively and literally). He mentioned he had a boyfriend but, again, that didn’t stop him from sending me sexy pics and asking for the same. All he got was a pic of me in my underwear cleaning my apartment. Similar pictures are readily available on my Facebook anyway so it wasn’t a big deal, and he’d already “friended” me.

** side note: why don’t people post accurate pictures online?! his Grindr and Facebook did NOT exude the same vibe! I’ll elaborate later.**

He kept suggesting we meet for “fully clothed cuddling sessions” and tea. I love how these people are in “relationships”. What’s the point of having one if you’re going to be flirting with everything that moves and sending pictures of your peen to whoever requests them (or doesn’t in my case)? Just drop the labels society requires you to adopt. I should write an entire entry on my thoughts on this whole phenomenon.

When I asked him why he was on Grindr if he had a man he said that, as his profile stated, he was just looking for friends. He also sent me a picture of his boyfriend’s Grindr profile. Curiously enough, I’d talk to the guy too. Which one was hotter? I think the boyfriend, but ‘Gilty’ was more fun to talk to.

After a couple of days of back and forthing, he suggested we meet Tuesday morning for tea because that was really the only time both our schedules worked out. I agreed. By a twist of fate, my sister had a layover Monday night and was going to be in New York till Tuesday evening. I informed ‘Gilty’ of this. He was bummed. By another twist of fate, my sister was stuck in Newark, and would not meet me till midday on Tuesday so as soon as I woke up I messaged him. He was going to come over when, again, fate was being a bitch, and my sister called saying she was about to take a train to the city. I apologized to ‘Gilty’ and told him I could meet him for a smoothie and he could come with as I walked my dog. He agreed.

I got dressed and out the door I went to the coffee shop. My initial reaction? he was somewhere between his very hot Grindr pic and his very camp Facebook pics. I dug it. He ordered a coffee,  I got my usual, and we walked down Bedford ave. He complimented me once more on my looks and my outfit. I found out he was a stylist (my ex was in fashion). He was a Gemini (just like my ex). He loved thrift shops (so did my ex). He had a peculiar sense of style (guess who else did too?!). He was from Florida (this is where the similarities stopped).

We walked and talked and talked and walked some more. A brief 10 minute doggie walk turned into a marathonian endeavor. I didn’t mind since I was having fun and, again, getting my ass kissed. I lost track of time for a second, but then I remembered I had a younger sister on a train on her way to a city she’s never been so I refocused and bid him Auf Wiedersehen. He’s also German.

We decided to meet sometime next week for round two. A part of me wants to see how far I can push his boundaries. I wasn’t and am not looking for sex out of these encounters, but I feel like I’ve hit a slight dry spell and I need to spice it up a bit and I feel like I like this one for that specific reason. There’s something really alluring about tender taken meat.

Just like the previous date, all there’s left to say is: to be continued…