Grind Date No. 11: Rick.

by theappliedprocess

Although it did not start off Grindr, because I first saw this one on the train on our way to Fire Island last week, I decided to included this as a Grindr Date because we first started talking through the app and, as I mentioned in a previous post, it was very cute and documenting-worthy.

After our first unofficial meet, we kept texting back and forth making plans to maybe meet sometime during the week when he was back in New York. I did not think much about it during the weekend because, as I had stated, it was a tough Friday-Sunday and I was just focused on my friend. Sunday He mentioned he’d be running around the city on Monday stopping by Brooklyn sometime after lunch. The “date” was set. He was going to text me when he was around my neighborhood so we could meet for “something”.

Monday I was running around cleaning like crazy, my apartment hadn’t had a good scrub down since before ‘Siouxsie’ had came to visit. We were texting all morning. He suggested he’d come and watch me clean. I wasn’t very comfortable with him coming to my place right away, plus I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make out of this encounter so I told him it was a mess and we’d be better off meeting for a drink somewhere near. At about 3:30 pm he texted he was about half hour away so I showered, got ready, and met him outside the Bedford stop. He was looking more handsome than before. He had an almost inexistent accent. He was quite tall which I guess is what I go for lately. We kissed hello. I told him I needed to get food before putting some alcohol in my system. I bought a slice from a spot half a block away and we walked down Bedford to look for a bar.

Although he’s no stranger to the city, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take him. Somehow somewhere around Bedford and Metropolitan it hit me: Lucky Dog, a bar I don’t normally frequent because it’s not really close, but I quite enjoy. It’s cheap enough and has a backyard. He enjoyed the spot. We ordered two beers and sat in the back patio.

The conversation was great. He is very interesting, seems quite nice, and has an eye for good fashion. We talked about everything normal dates talk about, yet it was never dull or boring. We were not being very touchy feely but there was some sort of tension there. I could smell it. He mentioned he had a boyfriend back home. What a surprise! A gay guy in an open relationship? I think I need to reevaluate my own convictions a bit more because the more guys I meet, the more I realize this is the norm and if you can’t beat them, join them. To be honest tho, I wouldn’t say I’ve had to beat them because deep down I kind of feel I’ve always been inclined to that. Why fight my own nature?

We ordered a second beer. I taught him about pickle back shots, and told him he needed to have one before he left. He told me he had a dinner and thus he had to leave soon. The beers where enchantingly casting their cupid-like spell on me. I was considering taking this one home. At the same time, I was fine with not doing so, the weekend had me very drained. We finished our beers and before walking out I made him take a shot with me. He liked it.

We walked back to the subway. He kept complimenting me which I never mind. I complimented him back but, like most older men I’ve gone out with, he seemed to have a problem believing the validity of my statements. He mentioned he comes to New York a lot so we decided to be patient and postpone the sexy games for when we actually have time/we’re ready. We got to the train station and kissed goodbye. It was nice. A cop was watching. He said he might try and meet up with me again the next day. We left it at that.

I went home slightly buzzed and updated my Facebook to: “I think I’m down with Germans”. He “liked” it later that day.

We didn’t meet on Tuesday, he was very busy, and I had an impromptu visit from my sister so I was busy as well. We’ve been talking since. He seems extremely nice. It’s cute. I’m not sure what’ll come from it, but I’m open to the possibilities. I’m sure there will be entries on the blog about that when/if it happens. For now all I have to say is: fortzusetzen…