Oh What a Night!

by theappliedprocess

As expected, DJ biked over to my work about 15 minutes before I closed shop to drop off the shorts I’d lent him on Thursday. I was quite sure that he was coming towards closing time so we could hang out after although he hadn’t mentioned that. Naturally, my intuition was right again. He asked me if I’d eaten and, although I sort of had a late lunch, I said I’d go with him to get food. We walked to La Esquina for some chicken soup, tacos, rice pudding, and jamaica water. Sometime towards the end of our meal New York decided to throw us a thunderstorm. It was kind of cute to be stuck inside the restaurant with him waiting for the rain to dissipate, or at least slow down. After about 20 minutes it was somewhat manageable so we kissed briefly (what is up with me and PDA’s!?), he biked back to his place, and I took the train home. I was going to see him later that night while he DJ’d at Metro.

I got home and felt sick from overeating. I hung out with my pup for a bit, went on Facebook, wasted time, and watched Mad Men (I just realized it’s now on netflix instant watch!). I texted a few friends to come to the bar with me but they either didn’t reply or had prior engagements. One of the frenchies said he’d meet me at some point. I walked over to Metro at around 11:30 pm.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been on a Beyonce binge for the past week. I’d asked him to play some bey bey for my insatiable ears. Coincidentally, as soon as I walked in Beysus was blasting on the speakers. I went to the DJ booth and gave him a peck. He gave me a drink token. Some of his coworkers from his Wednesday gig were there, the very handsome bar back, and the somewhat bitchy (or so was my first impression, which later changed) good friend. I chatted with both for a bit and then shimmied myself through the crowd for a drink. I spotted ‘Fixie’. He was there with his new/old beau. I gave him a hug and said hi to both of them. It stung a bit, but no biggie, I had my own dick waiting for me behind the turntables. I told him about the recent events regarding DJ to which he replied: “you’re dating, I don’t care what you call it, you’re dating”. I giggled and proceeded to order my whiskey ginger.

For some bizarre reason, Metro was more than usually chock full of familiar faces. I don’t even know where to begin but, grindr gays, friendly gays, traveling gays, neighborhood gays, work gays, you name it, they were all there.

I walked back to the “VIP” area, and hung out with the Wednesday boys. They were hating on my neighbors, but to be honest, I get it. I joined in. We were trying to figure out why I didn’t get the memo that Friday was “wear your polka dot shirt to Metro” night. And just as we were commenting on the fashion choices of my fellow billyburgians a black dude wearing a camp shirt and a bow tie walks up to our spot. He looked vaguely familiar. I left with the Wednesday boys to go outside for a cigarette. More familiar faces.

As I was finishing my smoke, frenchie called me from outside the subway stop. I walked over to meet him and buy more cigarettes. I also bought peach o’s for DJ (it’s his guilty pleasure). I texted DJ from outside the bar asking if black dude with bow tie was same black dude that was at Gansevoort a couple of weeks ago when he was djing there. He replied: “ugh, yes!”.

We walked back to the bar and I gave DJ his petite cadeau. He looked at me with his ever so charming sad puppy eyes. I pecked him again. I entertained frenchie for a bit till he left after two drinks and four cigarettes. I was a bit conflicted about how I felt about frenchie, but he’s a really nice guy and I like him a lot as a friend.

The Wednesday boys had left, so it was just me and black dude. I alternated between hanging out with DJ, getting drinks, and smoking a cigarette. I kept a constant one drink/one ciggy pace for most of the night. I was outside to smoke trying to talk to some cute boy I’d seen on Grindr when some creeper tried to creep up on me. He kept complimenting me, and at some point asked me for my number so he could text me later that night to see what I was doing. Sorry boy, I don’t do shorties with shiny lips (I think he was wearing lip gloss) who look like they “party”.

I went back inside. Black dude was busy vogueing. Some dudes were dancing by the dj booth. One of them asked black dude to dance, to which he said: “I don’t dance”. I switched to bitch mode and said: “I’ll dance with you, and weren’t you (pointing at black dude) just dancing too?”. I wished ‘Jose Maria’ was there because he would’ve thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. Black dude looked confused. It’s a bit ridiculous how clingy he is. Knowing DJ, he’d have better luck acting nonchalant and talking to other boys than just hovering him like a vulture hovers a brand new carcass. DJ played me some Taio Cruz.

Handsome Wednesday came back. I hung out with him for the rest of the night. He is really nice. I discovered that, just like me, he likes dirty looking boys. I was a bit drunk by this point and a bit confused. I wanted to hit on Handsome Wednesday, but I also felt the need to mark my territory. I am not sure why I felt this way, I certainly had no reason to worry. I was completely sure black dude was going home by himself. Me and Handsome Wednesday sent DJ a cute pic of us making a sad face because he wouldn’t play some Britney. One thing led to another and I stayed longer than I’d expected. The last song was playing, which wasn’t Britney!, so Handsome Wednesday went home. Black dude realized his defeat and said goodbye to DJ. I stayed with him for a bit till we both walked out ensemble.

We discussed spending the night together but we both had things to do early in the morning. He didn’t want to come over so he asked me if I wanted to go to his. I said I would but I needed to stop by my place for some clothes first. He apologized for black dude, saying he was sorry he wasn’t all over me but he didn’t want to be rude. I completely understood. It’s a funny thing how, in a way, I feel a certain level of security about what we have. I like it. We realized that sleeping together (and considering how tired and tipsy we were, we would’ve done just that: sleep) was a drunken and more complicated task than it needed to be so we kissed, he cabbed it home, and I walked to my apartment. He instantly texted me saying he had a good time. I replied the same. Five minutes later, I sent him a message on Grindr saying: “Come over!!!!!!”. I was joking.

I went to bed at around 5 which I regretted this morning. He had asked me if I wanted to hang out tonight but I told him I had a date. We’ll see what happens after.

The day has been slow. I talked to ‘Mexican T’ today. He’s still crazy. What is it about these boys? Wish I knew… Gay men are so fickle.